ClickTxt is a new concept in text messaging. You build your message by clicking together smaller messages within a graphic interface. You start by selecting the recipient of the message.
    You will then be presented with the graphic interface where you will see a large light grey bar across the centre of the screen, called a DROP ZONE. At the bottom of the screen you will see a dustbin on the left corner , a box of green blocks in the right corner, and in the bottom centre of the screen you will see a box of red blocks. Tap the green or red boxes to select a block.

    You can select up to 3 green blocks and one red block to create a quick text message without the need to type a word. (Or you could use just one red block).
    You always finish your text message with a red block, and when you have dropped it into the drop zone, and when it is clicked in place, a new button will appear at the bottom of the screen - titled “Send Text”. Tap this button to view the message and confirm to send.

    Note: When you are building the message, you will see the text scroll along the top of the screen.
    You can remove any blocks and drop then into the bin if not required (The block should vanish when binned). If not, drop it on the bin and tap it.

    When you have added the red block you cannot add any more blocks. However, if you would like to add another green block to your message, remove the red block first and drop it in the bin. Then add another green block followed by a new red block.

    We always happy to receive any feedback on the app or concept and We have many ideas that we are going to incorporate into the ClickTxt application. We are going to develop it further using feedback from users.

    Please email me with any comments at:

    I hope you like this concept.

    Kind Regards

    Keith Boothroyd. (Author)