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    The CS10 Customizer app allows users of Sound World Solutions' CS10 personal sound amplifier to personalize their settings and access additional functionality via Bluetooth link between the device and their smartphones.

    Under the "Personalize" tab of the app, an automated program will walk you through the steps in tailoring the performance of the CS10 to your preferences.

    The "Profiles" tab gives you the option of setting your CS10 to one of the three preset listening profiles, or your personal profile. Once you have selected one of the profiles through the app, the program button on the CS10 changes modes and can be used to toggle between your baseline profile and two additional settings designed to optimize the performance of the CS10 in specific situations.

    Restaurant Mode (two beeps) emphasizes the directional microphone to focus on sounds coming from in front of you and provide rejection of unwanted sounds in noisy environments. Entertainment Mode (three beeps) provides increased low frequency response for a more natural, balanced sound at musical or theatrical events.

    The app also provides an "Equalizer" tab with sliders to adjust individual settings for treble, mid, and bass frequencies for a truly customized user experience. There is also a slider to adjust the volume, similar to the volume button on the CS10.

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