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    IMPORTANT!! Even though cSMS is unlimited, Android has a 100 messages per hour limitation. A warning will be shown and you will be able to send 5 messages at a time only. This limitation can be changed or removed manually if your phone is in root mode. Please check tutorials on the web.

    Please don't hesitate to send a report if you are having difficulties or crashes. Many bugs are easily fixed.

    cSMS is a new SMS application for your Android phone, having the purpose of being accessible and enjoyable for all.
    So no multiple modes switch or misunderstood texts and menus...

    cSMS does not run background services. The total memory consumption is visible in task managers, which is two times less than other SMS applications. cSMS will also kill the process when not visible so it will not run in background. This means no battery consumption when you do not use it.

    cSMS works perfectly without stock SMS application installed, that means no SMS not received bugs, everything will keep working like it should.

    cSMS is compatible from Android 2.1 to Android 4 and higher, with 1023 devices according to Google.

    Every cSMS update will be free, so you will be up to date without concern.

    cSMS comes with 12 languages out of the box:

    English, Deutch, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, Svenska, Türkçe, Español, Polski, Norsk bokmal, Čeština.

    More languages will come in next releases. You will not have to download language packs, everything will be integrated in the update.

    In cSMS, you will have :

    _ Voice recognition and Text-To-Speech support

    _ Quick texts

    _ Signature

    _ Share message

    _ Password protected private box

    _ Contact groups

    _ Backup and Restore SMS

    _ Batch selection

    _ Black list ( hide unwanted SMS from a sender in cSMS only, or destory SMS on receive )

    _ Automatic and convenient draft keeping for each conversation

    _ Resend all selected messages to sender

    _ Transfer all selected messages to unlimited number of receivers

    _ Send unlimited SMS to unlimited receivers

    _ Easy and convenient way of managing your receivers

    _ Autocompleted contact adding

    _ Selected contact adding

    _ Easy and fast ways for searching

    _ Quick Reply Popup, avoiding unnecessary application openings

    _ New messages notification on Notification bar or by Toast

    _ Private preferecences : Hide sender, Hide sender picture, Hide message on Quick Reply Popup, Toast or Notification bar

    _ Vibrate on receive, Play Sound on receive, Notify by LED on receive, change LED notification color, Wake on receive

    _ Autoreply : send an automatic reply on SMS receive like "I'm in a meeting"

    _ SMS sent report, SMS delivered report

    _ Ask for confirmation on each action if activated in settings : Delete, Mark, Resend, Clear drafts, Keep draft, to avoid unwanted behavior

    _ Split long messages for CDMA : send multipart message instead of one long message

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