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    DH Chat is a system for face-to-face communication between deaf and hearing people without a sign interpreter.

    If you are a hearing person, you can communicate with your deaf relatives, friends, clients, employees and so on.
    If you are a deaf person, you can make a face-to-face conversation with hearing people without sign interpreter. You can use the system everywhere: at home, at your work, at restaurants, during your education and so on.

    Set of two tablets with preinstalled system costs on websites about $1000. But you can pay just for the app and use practically any android devices (old, with no plan and so on). System is really wonderful and the price is very low for opportunities which the system gives. Buy and download the app now.

    Try free limited demo version:

    Some reasons to buy the app:
    - The system use speech to text translation so communication becomes significantly faster and close to live.
    - Font size is large and clearly visible on the device screen (it’s very important for old users)
    - Since the system uses Bluetooth it is much faster than sms or email
    - The system works well in the background of the device
    - The system has Note Speak Listen for Deaf app functionality (single mode) so you can use only one device when you need to write a short note
    - Speech recognition works perfectly even offline

    Install the “Deaf-Hearing Chat ” application on the first device (which will be used by a hearing person).
    Install the “Deaf-Hearing Chat ” application on the second device (which will be used by a deaf person) ).

    You don't need phone plan, 3G, or WI-FI to use speech-to-text feature, because speech to text works even offline on android 4.2 and higher. To use offline speech-to-text you have to update Google application and download offline speech recognition package from settings of your device.

    Run the applications on both devices and link the devices via Bluetooth.
    A hearing person speaks into the phone, the application transforms the speech into a text message and sends it to the second device (used by a deaf person). You can also exchange text messages between the devices.
    The system is very convenient for regular communication in families with a deaf family member. Each message is followed by vibration, so you can always call a deaf person, address him / her.

    The system may also be used by a deaf person to communicate with hearing people in a shop, a hospital, a bank, etc. In this case, a deaf person should have both devices with him / her and pass a device with a pre-installed “DH Chat” application to a hearing person to start communication at any time.

    The application enables a hearing person to type text messages on a virtual keyboard or using voice input (the button “Voice Input” or the button "Say and Send" ). You need an Internet access for voice input. To send a message to the second device you should press the button “Send”. The messages, received from the second device, are shown on the display.

    The system helps many people around the world. The system is really great. Buy and download the app now.

    How to establish bluetooth connection:

    if both devices already paired:
    1. launch the app on both devices
    2. press '. . .' button on the first device
    3. press connect button on the first device
    4. choose second device from list of paired devices

    if devices not paired (when you launch the system for the very first time):
    1. launch app on both devices
    2. press '. . .' button on the first device
    3. press '. . .' button on the second device
    4. press ' make visible' button and press 'yes' on the first device
    5. press connect button on the second device
    6. press 'scan' button on the second device and when devices find each other, confirm the connection

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