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    FREE in October and November 2011 for all bona fide humanitarian and disaster relief workers. See conditions below.

    DeviceIT brings you situational awareness right from your Android so that others can answer: Where are you and what can you see and sense? It is believed to be the world's first purpose designed Tactical Situational Awareness Application for mobile phones.

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    Providing capability that previously was only available with expensive body worn sensor systems and purpose designed to be used by first responders, its full power can be unleashed by coupling it with the GPAC System™.

    However, anyone with the DeviceIT App can now share what they see and where they are in real time over a web browser and we hope others will find cool uses for it to help make it even better, especially for our emergency response community.

    Note that this has been designed to be used by most people over a wireless local area network (LAN). A typical example would be near a vehicle based hotspot for first responders like the EPA, police, fire, ambulance and other emergency service workers. Advanced users who have the right networking setup supplied by their Telco (including a globally visible IP Address) could also use this application from anywhere with Telco coverage.

    Please try it and use it. Let us know what you use it for and please give us feedback so we can continue to improve our product. You can follow us and tweet to us on @DeviceIT on Twitter.

    FREE for humanitarian and disaster relief workers during October 2011. To qualify, email us at from your official gov org or mil address with a brief statement of your bona fide humanitarian service. You will be refunded your purchase price.

    Be aware that video streaming can quickly consume your data quota and while the cost is free on your own LAN, this could be expensive on a mobile carrier's network.

    Finally, please respect privacy and use technology to make a better world!

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