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    This provides an ad-free environment with session activity monitor, user login history, access control lists, multiple-user support, and more.

    DigiControl is required to supervise the DigiSSHD component.

    Using encryption and security protocols, DigiSSHD delivers all of the server-side functionality you need to give authorized users protected access to your device files and other data, including:
    - Security Shell: remote shell service or command execution
    - Security Copy: transfer files between Android and remote client
    - Security FTP: transfer files between Android and remote client
    With a battery saving design, there is no need for task killer.

    It is based on open source software:
    - Dropbear server v2012.55 that is using in Shell and SCP and available under MIT license
    - OpenSSH server v5.9p1 that is using in SFTP and available under BSD license

    You are welcome! Your help with translation and new ideas are very appreciated.


    Source code:


    If you don't want to submit bug reports, set the debug level to “OFF” in DigiSSHD preferences.

    It is alpha stage software written in Scala language. Scala on Android is a bit out of the mainstream, so take it easy.
    The core part of the source code is available at GitHub under GPLv3 license; another one is available as DigiLib library under Apache 2.0 license.
    FYI: There are a lot of threads and hundreds of places with a watchdog timer and thousands of places with recovery logic. Also, the user interface and background service are independent processes.

    - If the application freezes, the longest watchdog timeout is about 5 minutes; the shortest watchdog timeout is 1 second. Most of them are not more than 20 seconds. Wait, and after it unfreezes, upload a report to us.
    - If the application blocks something or show something unexpected, upload a report to us, then rotate you device. After the device is rotated, there will be reinitialization.
    - If something blows up, it explodes with stack traces, uh, Sssssmmmokie! Restart the application after crash, and upload a report to us.

    You may upload reports via the option menu. The report dialog will be appear automatically if there is a stack trace.

    If you have an idea how to improve DigiSSHD or wish to change something, please submit your idea via GitHub tracker. Please submit technical issues too.

    Please install DigiControl and DigiSSHD simultaneously. These are the two parts of the single application.

    Default user: android
    Default port: 2222
    Default password: 123

    There is already software like this on the market: QuickSSHD, SSHDroid, or DropBear SSH Server. But there is always room for more.
    Most unique features:
    - Additional security. There is a per session control. You may control how many sessions are connected, their source address, and their duration. There are white lists/black lists or manual connection control.
    - Flexible network listener rules. You may set it to listen only to wifi or only a specific wifi network (home, work, etc.).
    - Independence of components. User interfaces are independent from service processes.
    - Kernel friendly. The core service is INETD server based on Linux epoll, which is the best readiness notification facility in Linux.

    It works flawlessly with rsync, WinSCP, PuTTY, Nautilus, Dolphin, Cyberduck, and most other ssh clients.

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    Cosmin Stanescu

    by Cosmin Stanescu

    Dec 21, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Does its job and is easy to configure. I was able to transfer files between my PC and my android phone at speeds of up to 4 Mb/s. Rooting your phone is not required for file transfers. The only factor that is a slight (albeit temporary downside) is that it asks you to install DigiControl, which is an app that manages the ssh service that DigiSSHD uses. But, once you install them both, you're good to go.

    Alexander Shchagin

    by Alexander Shchagin

    Nov 22, 2016  |  "OK"

    Doesn't start on Mi5s