DirectUrTxt: Lite

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    DirectUrTxt is a text messaging assistant, designed to automate responses, forwarding, blocking and more.

    With our Lite version, you get the Save A Life feature, which silences the receipt of text messages while enabled, and makes it very difficult to text. This helps prevent you or a loved one from texting while driving and keeping their eyes on the road.

    DirectUrTxt supports the following features:

    Global Enabled/Disabled
    Creation of Contact Groups
    Out of Office automatic responder (paid version)
    Text message forwarding (paid version)
    Time frame filter triggers
    Create folders to organize your messages

    Filter Triggers Based on:

    Who sent the message, single contact or from group
    Keywords in the message
    Time frame when the message is received

    You can apply the following actions:

    Block the message
    Automatically respond to the message
    Forward the message (paid only)
    Forward the message to a group (paid only)
    Send the message to a folder
    And much more...

    We are always looking to improve our application with suggestions from you! If you have any suggestions or features, please send them our way!

    Previous Changes:

    Version 2.1:

    New interface
    Save a Life mode
    Added support for forward to email

    Version 1.8:

    Fixed issue with receiver service
    Reduced memory footprint

    Version 1.7:

    General Bug Fixes

    Version 1.6:

    Added support for forwarding to a contact group
    Added a global enable/disable button in settings
    Fixed the option to delete folders or contacts
    Fixed some database bugs

    DirectUrTxt is also known as Direct Ur Txt, Direct Your Text, Text Director, DirectText, Direct Text, TxtJunk, SMS Junk, and others.