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    Published: 2013-07-26, by Peter Warrior.

    Four videotones for your device

    • Free
    • That Green Light Bulb rocks
    • The more characters the better
    • They should dance with other (yours) songs.

    "Oppa Mum is calling you!"

    Popular time ago in the pre-Android era, videotones were something funny and cool. They costed an arm and a leg and only a few got to actually use them.

    Fortunately, some developers like Vizteck are looking forward to bringing back videotones and here's Disco Caller ID, which allows to assign a dancing cartoon to certain contacts. Although the first two characters, a sort-of undisguised Psy and a sleep-inducing bird singing a lullaby are somehow borderline, it should be highlighted that the Green Light Bulb is quite a hit and only for the smile it'll take you, makes this app worth.

    Therefore, Disco Caller is downloadable for free, and a fun and cheap way to customize your Android further.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jul 26, 2013


    ** All characters are now free on user demand
    ** Those who have already purchased characters will get two free characters in next major release

    Disco Caller ID is an android application that features characters which dance whenever you receive a ring up from your contacts. It’s an android animated caller application that will make you dance to awesome ringtones. Disco Caller drives your ring up receiving experience to a new “hip and cool” level. You will be able to associate different interesting characters to your different contacts soon.

    Disco Caller ID android application dancing character can be set on all contact. You can also customize the contacts according to your preference. Different characters are available in the list of Disco Caller ID including Gangnam Style, Birdie, Dancing Bulb, etc. Hundreds of characters will be created and available for use soon. Gangnam Style character is the default character in the application.

    Disco Caller ID features include:

    • Four different animated characters
    • Set the character on all or any of your contacts.
    • Share the application on Facebook and Twitter, and you can unlock a bonus character.
    • Application is available in English, Chinese, German and French language.

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    Application has been tested on some of the following gadgets:
    Samsung Galaxy S4,
    Samsung Galaxy S3,
    Samsung Galaxy S2,
    Samsung Galaxy S1,
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2,
    HTC Sensation XL,
    HTC Ruby,
    Sony Ericsson Xperia SL.

    To use Disco Caller Id - Caller ID, your device must have Android version 2.3 or above. We hope you would like Disco Caller app and share it with your loved ones…

    Email us at for any characters you think we should include in our next version or issues.

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