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    domRemote for Domintell system

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    domRemote is an application to control your Domintell installation in your home with your Android based mobile phone or Tablet.

    The software is optimized also for large and extra large screens, so it will give a great experience even with 10,1″ display. Currently supported languages are: English, German, Slovak, Dutch, Polish, French, Croatian, Turkish, Czech, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Hungarian and Hebrew. Minimal Android version required: 2.1. (for using AppWidget recommended version is 3.1 and above)

    Supported Domintell modules:

    - DISM08, DISM04 (4/8 input modules)
    - DPB(U/T)01,02,04,06 (1/2/4/6 push buttons)
    - DBIR01 (8 bipolar relays)
    - DMR01 (5 monopolar relays)
    - DTRV01 (4 shutter inverters)
    - DTRP02 (2 shutter command with teleruptors)
    - DDIM01 (8 dimmer commands)
    - DOUT10V01 (0/1-10V dimmer module)
    - DIN10V01 (0/1-10V dimmer module, including Temperature handling)
    - DTEM01/02 (Temperature sensor)
    - DTSC01,02,03,04 (TFT Touchscreen)
    - DTSC35 (3,5″ TFT touchscreen)
    - DTRVBT01 (1 DC shutter command)
    - DAMPLI01 (Sound Module)
    - DPBTLCD0x (LCD push buttons)
    - DFAN01 (FAN controller)
    - DLED01 (4 LED driver)
    - DMOV01 (Infrared detector)
    - DDMX01 (DMX module)
    - System Variables
    - Variables
    - Memos
    - Spheres
    - Temperature profile editing
    - Clocks
    - IP Camera View (supported almost all cameras broadcasting using HTTP protocol and MJPEG format)
    - Entry Phone controller (custom controller)
    - Password protection with DETH02

    Supported UI device controls:

    - switch (on-off state)
    - push button (supporting long and short push)
    - slider (seekbar) for dimmer and loop variables
    - scrollable wheel for clock, amplifier and temperatures
    - video view for MJPEG videos (IP Camera)
    - shutter control (up and down)
    - grey/green light output (for IR detector and LEDs)
    - plus/minus control (temperature profile)

    For more information please visit

    (Domintell is a brand name of Trump Electronics SA, Android is trademark of Google Inc.)

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