One App, two calling options.

    e2fon business-traveller package: With the e2fon business-traveller package you can make your worldwide phone calls to any landline or mobile network with your smartphone to favourable prices while you are travelling. The e2fon App directs all your calls over a local landline network (0202...), so you can make worldwide phone calls to low prices. You can either get a worldwide flatrate or a by minute based charge.

    Get additionally your e2fon roaming option and you get rid of high roaming costs while you are travelling abroad. Save up to 70% phone costs with the e2fon App.

    With e2fon:

    * worldwide phone calls to landline and mobile networks from any country to low prices

    * with high voice quality over the GSM network, NO VoIP.

    * Without changing your mobile number or mobile provider

    * Without changing your dialing habit Go to the website and send us an e-mail for your e2fon business-traveller package.

    e2fon Prepaid-App:

    HOW IT WORKS: The e2fon Prepaid-App for worldwide calls to landline and mobile networks to low prices. NO mobile phone number change. NO contract. NO subscription. NO hidden costs. You can check your prepaid account balance anytime with the e2fon App. FULL cost control for you! It’s all so simple with e2fon.

    All your national and international calls will be automatically directed over a local landline number (0202...) no matter where your destination of call is. Make your calls with the e2fon App with best voice quality over the GSM network, no VoIP. Get your e2fon App from the App Store for free and start saving money with every call you make.

    LOW COSTS: Call Europe and the world comfortable with e2fon to lowest prices.

    SO SIMPLE: Get your new prepaid account credit in any e2fon selling point

    PLEASE NOTE: You save the most money with e2fon when you have a landline flatrate from your mobile provider. If you have questions considering your landline flatrate please ask your mobile provider.

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