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    Easy Browser is a very fast, powerful, simple and easy to use browser.

    Smaller than Opera mini Browser and Skyfire Browser, faster than UC Browser and Maxthon Browser, simple than Dolphin Browser and Boat Browser, easy than Nine Sky Browser and xScope browser, more compatibile than Chrome which only support 4.x platform. you can test whether Easy Browser is more powerful than Firefox Browser:)

    Easy Browser works well with most of the famous website such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, twitter, Baidu, Tencent QQ, Wikipedia, gmail, Google map, yahoo, MicroSoft, Bing, Linkedin, Pinterest, Evernote, wordpress, discuz and the official website of many famous app/games such as Instagram, Path, FlipBoard, Angry Birds, Draw Something, Fruit Ninja and so on. Unfortunately, I can't test Google+ and Google drive due to GFW in China. Great thanks if you can test and feedback to me.

    You need to install Adobe Flash Player Plugin before watching Youtube video in webpage. Make it is compatible with your Device. further more, you may need set User Agent in Advanced Settings to PC, iPad, Chrome, Firefox or IE if it still can't play video after install Adobe Flash Player. Another choice to play video is to install Youtube client or skyfire.

    For Html5 support, Easy Browser rely on the ability of native webkit engine.

    Easy Browser can download almost all the link, mp3 and images as you selected. It use 3rd party File Manager(such as ASTRO File Manager) to manage downloads. But it is better to install ES File Explorer for downloads management.

    Keep fast, keep simple, keep small, we believe simple is beautiful, our goal is to make the best user experience of browser on Android platform by native webkit engine.

    We promise to be compatible with as many type of Android devices as we can. We support any Android version from Cupcake(Android 1.5) to ICS(Android 4.0.3), any resolution from QVGA to xLarge screen, any device include phone, pad and TV, any ABI include ARM, x86 and mips. We prefer to cut off not important features to ensure compatibility. For example, we do not allow website(such as Google maps) to get your geo-location due to Cupcake do not support the a interface needed for it.

    Easy Browser is ads sponsored. you will see ads banner. You can buy ad free version of Easy Browser from which is more small and can save more data quota for you. I will certainly add more feature in ad free version. I had to publish it with a different developer account due to some financial issue, sorry for the inconvenience.

    I also plan to open some source code of Easy Browser on so that you can make your own browser whithout write a single line of code.

    Feature list:
    1, view page source, extremely useful for mobile web developers.
    2, share screen shot of web page.
    3, plenty operations of url.
    4, fixed address bar and tool bar.
    5, easy management of multi web page.
    6, full screen webview will give you high quality reading experience as magzine.
    7, search keywords directly by input it in address bar with embedded search engine such as Baidu, Bing, Google and Yandex.
    8, import history and bookmark from native browser for the first time launch after install.
    9, can enable local port to support proxy/agent software.
    10, plan to sync history and bookmark from chrome in the future.

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    Please do not hesitate to give your comments and suggestion here, and I will treasure every words from you. Don't forget to vote for me 5 stars:) It will be better if you can share Easy Browser in your blog, twitter or facebook. thanks.

    Special thanks to Asesh Basu, Dennis Horvath, Jonás Perusquía Morales, Simon Teo and Summving who help a lot for Easy Browser.

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