Easy FTP Server (non-root)




    an easy to use "Non-rooted" FTP Server for Android.

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    Explore your device using this simple FTP server over a Wifi connection. Never use your USB cable again to sync/copy files to/from your device!!

    ★★★★ Note: Our free version (this version) is ENGLISH ONLY. ★★★★

    Read/write to any folder, including sdcard, in your android device. You can backup your photos to your PC, copy music and movies, etc to your device over Wifi.

    Recommended FTP clients to use with this app:

    ★ Windows XP - "My Network Places" (Go to --> My Computer --> My Network Places --> Add a Network Place --> follow the Wizard to set-up a mapped FTP drive)

    ★ Windows 7 - "Network Locations" (Go to --> Start --> Computer --> Map Network Drive -> Select "Sign up for online storage or connect to a network server" --> follow the Wizard to set-up a mapped FTP drive)

    ★ Windows Explorer

    ★ FileZilla client - (the best FTP client around!)

    ★ WinsSCP client -

    ★ Linux GFTP client

    ★ Linux Nautilus "Connect To Server"

    ★ Linux, Windows Command Line FTP

    ★ Android ANDFTP - http//

    (other clients are untested but feedback would be great!)

    Key Features:

    ★ Sync your phone over Wifi.

    ★ Anonymous user

    ★ One Ftp user (can be disabled). ID and password can be changed

    ★ Home directory can be root directory

    ★ Read only mode

    ★ Passive and active modes

    ★ Show hidden files

    ★ Home Screen Widget

    ★ Server logs displayed

    ★ Runs on any port > 1024

    ★ IO File Manger support (when this app is installed - downlaod at

    Android permissions used by the app:


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