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    Have you ever wanted better control over your notifications?
    Have you ever missed an event because the SMS notification wasn’t repeated?
    Have you ever put your phone down and missed a call but not noticed for hours?
    Have you ever been woken by a notification because someone text’d you in the middle of the night?
    Have you ever missed an opportunity because you didn't realise you'd received a GMail?
    Why not try Edictify, it’s a tiny little app that replaces the SMS, GMail and Missed Call notifications to allow you to more confidently receive your messages, whenever wherever and however you choose.

    Main features:
    * Simple configuration
    * Ability to designate quiet periods
    * Infinite and expiring notifications
    * Ability to notify on device unlock
    * Low power usage – minimal wake-locks.
    * Supports both sound and vibration notifications
    * Supports all correctly installed notification sounds
    * Stop GMail notification if the message is read elsewhere
    * Widget to allow early entry / exit to Quiet Periods
    * Widget to allow preset mute periods
    * Priority and Blocked lists to allow you to control who can always and who can never notify you.

    Edictify will not continue to notify you once you’ve unlocked your Android device, nor will it constantly pester you if you receive a message whilst you’re using the device.
    Edictify is just about helping you when you missing the initial notification and would appreciate a repetition, notifications can consist of vibration or the notification tones (or both) – simply select the notification tone you wish to use (and Edictify will pick up any properly installed notifications to use!).
    However, sometimes you might prefer not to receive notifications, after all why interrupt your dreams to read an SMS from an inconsiderate bank or a GMail from someone in a different timezone? With Edictify you can specify a quiet time, and any notifications during this quiet time will be delayed until the quiet time expires.
    Edictify is so simple that there literally is only one screen, the options screen – everything else is in the background and automatic!
    Give Edictify a try – and you might be pleasantly surprised!

    NOTE: The free Demo version has full functionality but will disable itself after 7 days operation.

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