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    Place phone calls and send text messages automatically with EleTellEm. Record a voice or text message with EleTellEm and designate the phone number, date and time you would like your call or text to be sent. EleTellEm will phone or text automatically with your recorded voice or text message. Alert yourself to important deadlines, notify clients about appointments, inform group members about events, or remind loved ones to take their medications. Send your messages on recurring basis as needed.

    A ONE TIME INVITATION: To utilize text messages in the EleTellEm system, a recipient must first accept a text messaging invitation sent by the EleTellEm user. Once the invitation is accepted the recipient can receive unlimited text messages from the sender with no additional invitations to that recipient required.

    Schedule calls and texts days or months in advance with the easy-to-use scrolling calendar. See at a glance what messages are pending, and cancel calls when needed. And, EleTellEm lets you save the recorded messages of your choice that you want to send more than once.

    Download the EleTellEm app now for $.99 and receive your first 5 credits free. 1 credit = 1 voice message. 1 credit = 2 text messages.

    Credits are 10 per $0.99; 50 for $4.99; 100 for $9.99. For more information visit our website at

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