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    Email my Text is a - To the point Solution when it comes to sensitive data as SMS. This is a one point stop to your Email your Text problem.
    Yes we know you need it, Important Texts or Private Text need to be backed up either in Email of a PDF. These are the below features of this app.
    1. Email my Text - Emails your selected Conversation to any e-Mail Id
    2. Email my Text - Backup you Texts in to PDF
    3. Email my Text - Print you PDF Data anytime
    4. Email my Text - Backup you Texts in to TXT
    5. Email my Text - Allows you to select a date range for your conversation
    6. Email my Text - Comes up with a very User Friendly Screens
    7. Email my Text - Comes with a as low price as 1$
    8. Email my Text - We Believe in Quality
    9. Email my Text - No Ads, No Scam, Only one time purchase and enjoy life long

    How to use:
    This Application is designed keep your time crunch in Mind, It’s as simple as A B C D.
    A. Select the contact who SMS you want to deal with
    B. Select the Date Range from what date to what date you need data for
    C. Select a Back Up Type PDF,CSV,TXT Files are supported
    D. Bingo done! Select “Save File” of “Email my Text” option based on your need.
    We are listening:
    We are always available for your help, Feel free to contacts us on If you feel any problem with app, just Drop us a mail and if we don’t fix for you in 1 day, YOUR PURCHASE WILL BE REFUNDED.
    Using this app is a great way to save off texts or create a copy in case you need them for a legal proceeding. Many people need their texts for court cases. And after they are emailed to you, you can print them out and present them in court. Or use this app to get a copy of the texts from someone that is harassing or threatening you.
    Some cell phone carriers charge very high or more to provide a print out of your texts. Download this app and save yourself a lot of money and a lot of hassle.
    On some phones, this app does not support the text in Multi-Media Messaging ( known as MMS ) example : picture messages. And some text messaging apps convert long SMS into MMS. If supported, only the text from the MMS messages will be included. The pictures cannot be included in the email because multiple pictures quickly exceed the email size limitation.
    Uses :
    ★ Print your Text Messages
    ★ Email your Texts Messages
    ★ creating a hard copy of your texts
    ★ Work Related Threads
    ★ Save a copy of conversation with customers
    ★ Forward the email
    ★ Email your Conversation
    ★ Print your Conversation
    ★ Send your texts
    ★ Backup your texts
    ★ Print your SMS
    ★ Print my text messages
    ★ Print my SMS
    ★ Backup my texts
    ★ Email Texts
    ★ Backup SMS
    ★ Backup to Gmail
    Great For:
    ★ Legal Proceedings
    ★ Contractors work order changes
    ★ Real estate communications
    ★ Harassment Cases
    ★ Divorce Case
    ★ Custody Hearings
    ★ Any Court Case
    ★ saving any SMS texts
    ★ Contractors - change work orders
    ★ Landlords / Tenants
    ★ Husband / Wife Issues
    ★ Backup / print work related threads
    Some apps that email each text require you to enter your email address and password. That is a security risk. Do not give out your password to anyone! This app does NOT require you to enter your email address and password, so your privacy is maintained. This app does not automatically email each text as they are received. That would be hundreds or thousands of emails a day for many people.
    This app does NOT delete or modify any of your text messages

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