Encoder secret texts

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    This application is used to encode text so that they can be delivered safely.
    It allows to generate secret messages.
    You have to insert a text and use a code, which can be generated randomly or manually, and then is encrypted.
    That can be copied and pasted into different applications like WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti, LinkedIn, …
    Within only having this program or the full version and knowing the code can decrypt.
    Ideal for use in forums or walls applications where many users browsing.
    We will make only some of them know what is actually sent.
    To decode or decrypt just copy and paste the text coded in the application,
    put the code that will have been provided by the encoder and press decode.

    Data to enter:
    * Text to encode or decode.
    * Numeric Code encoding or decoding.

    - Full Version
    - It can encode text of unlimited size.
    - 6 digit code.
    - Ability to code as many times as you want the text exponentially increasing safety.
    - 4 languages​​: English, Spanish, French and German.
    - Simple interface.
    - No ads.

    Please, try the demo version before buying this one to ensure that is useful for you.
    For any questions or improves contact in the email that appears in the application.

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