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    Fake Phone Communication allows you receive a phony call or sms! It can help you satisfy with the curiosity of children and also offer you an excuse to leave someplace or get rid of some trouble things!

    Are there children or kids around you? As we all know children especially the little children are curious about the words and they may touch everything as long as they attract their attention or curious about them! Mobile phone is one of the most popular things in their eyes. Because it can make sound/music and one can hear mom/dad or others¡¯ voice. So in their mind, it is a magic thing. When the phone makes the sound, they will catch and try to receive it!

    What we mentioned is really a trouble thing for people who have children around them. Now you can make a fake call or fake message with android mobile phone. Fake Phone Communication is a free app and it can send yourself a fake call or message. You can also use it to call others (phony call)! Offer a phone to others and set the call time, call ringtone and also talk time and contact people¡¯s voice¡­

    Fake Phone Communication has great functions and I bet you will fill in love with it. Now let¡¯s know it well!


    - Make a fake call or message to yourself!

    - Send others a phony call.

    - Decide which ringtone/vibrate the call use and choose an contact from contact book to contact you.

    - Edit when the call comes and how long the call stays on.

    - You can input the message contact and when the time reached, you can receive the message that you made in advance!

    - Decide repeat it or not.


    - Fake Phone Communication is totally free for all people in the world.

    - It is real ones and common people cannot distinguish if you receive a fake one or real call! It is one of the most realistic one on android market!

    - Help you reduce the trouble that come form the children¡¯s curiosity and it will also play as toy as your children.

    - Help you get rid of things that you tired of. For example, you do not like someone and you know you have to talk with him/her. You can set a fake call in advance. Then you can get the excuse of receive a call to leave!

    - You can use this app to make a fake call to others and play joke with him/her!

    Download this great app, you will love it much! Hand your mobile phone and you can get the excuse at any time and there is no body doubt you! Great app! Don¡¯t you think so? Give five stars if you satisfy with it!

    Tips: To support this fake app free, icon and notification ads was added. If you do not like it, you can uninstall.

    Information about call places may help you much:

    The typical phone call using a traditional phone was mainly placed by picking the phone handset up off the base and holding the handset as a result, the hearing end is next to the user's ear and the speaking end is within range of the mouth. The caller would then rotary dial or press buttons for the phone numbers needed to complete a call.

    Apart from the traditional method of placing a telephone call, new technologies allow different methods for initiating a telephone call, such as voice dialing. Voice over IP technology allows calls to be made through a PC, using a service like Skype. Other services, like toll-free dial-around enable callers to initiate a telephone call via a third party with not exchanging phone numbers.

    The using of headsets has become more common for placing or receiving a call. Headsets could either come with a cord or be wireless.

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