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    Published: 2013-02-14, by .

    Fast File Transfer sets out a new and fast way to share files between devices

    • No data usage for file transfer
    • Receive doesn't need to install the app
    • Send single or multiple files
    • QR for faster setting up process
    • Set up process should be more intuitive

    "A new era on file sharing"

    There are basically two wireless ways to share files between devices: Bluetooth and WiFi. Speed transfer with Bluetooth is quite low and WiFi requires having access to a hotspot nearby. Fast File Transfer by Florian Draschbacher sets out a new way of sharing files that keeps a good speed transfer with no need to have access to a WiFi hotspot. It achieves it by WiFi Tethering.

    In other words, it uses your WiFi tech to turn your mobile device into a WiFi hotspot and create a WLAN. Then, files can be shared with any device that connects with it via WiFi. File transfer speed is obviously higher than with other technologies like Bluetooth. However, the setting up process should be more intuitive. Now, the basics steps are: click "Share" on any file you want to share, choose "fast file transfer", start WiFi on the other device, select connection you've set and type the password and finally open a web browser on the other device and enter a IP URL.

    However, there's a way to speed up that process. Just tap on the instruction image to show QR codes for the current step. Using a QR reader on the recipient's phone, the whole process is faster and much easier. In addition, developer has announced that the next version will allow pairing via NFC which will make the app even more intuitive than with QR codes.

    The best: high file speed transfer with no data usage (just for ads) and the receiver doesn't have to have the app installed. The worst: the setting up process.

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    Feb 14, 2013


    "A new era of file sharing" -
    "The beauty of this utility is its simplicity" -

    FastFileTransfer has a simple mission: Offering fast, offline file exchange between literally any platforms.

    In a world of dozens of different operating systems, with many different file transfer standards and protocols, it's still difficult to transfer files between them. With FastFileTransfer, you have a flexible solution for any data exchange need.

    • Lightning fast: Transfer 1 GB in under 4 minutes
    • Send multiple files or even whole folders (as ZIP)
    • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions

    • Receive from any device and operating system that supports WiFi
    • No need for an existing WiFi connection
    • Works completely offline
    • The receiver does not have to have the app installed
    • Send multiple files as ZIP
    • Display QR codes for faster receiving
    • Optionally use NFC for pairing
    • Unique engine specifically developed for compatibility against a wide range of Android devices
    • Send to an unlimited number of devices at the same time

    Buy the Pro Version to:
    • Let FastFileTransfer do all the receiving setup via the built-in QR scanner
    • Receive files from devices that don't have FFT installed
    • Let receivers download multiple files with one click (unzipped)
    • Get rid of the ads

    Using this app, you can easily send a file to an iPhone or any other phone that does not have Bluetooth but Wi-Fi.
    Will Kelly from Techrepublic wrote a tutorial on how to send files from Android to iOS using Fast File Transfer:

    How to send multiple files?
    Just select multiple files in your file explorer and tap "Send via" (or similar) -> "Fast File Transfer"
    In some file explorers first tap "Send via" in the menu, choose this app and then your files.

    I don't want to always enter the address on the receiver's phone!
    Simply use the built-in QR codes or NFC support. PRO version even comes with a built-in QR reader.

    The transfer speed this app offers depends on the sender and receiver device. For the best speed, use Wifi Direct or Wifi Tethering (and uncheck Wifi in the app's connectivity mode setting)
    Although I have never experienced such a case, I do not guarantee for any data fees caused by this app.

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