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    This tool enables you to send Flash SMS messages also known as Class0 SMS in GSM Networks.

    NOTE: I have a 24h refund policy extending the usual 15 minutes from Google. If you can't get to work send me an email. I will try to help you. If we cannot get it running on your device I will refund your money!

    It works on devices where the sendRawPdu API Method is present which is only on HTC Devices with stock ROM and Sense UI.
    It will also work on Android >= 4.0 devices which have the Xposed Framework installed. If that is the case for your device please download and install the Xposed Helper Module from here:
    The current version of the Xposed Module is 1.7.8 which is the minimum version required by FlashSMS to work properly. If you have a HTC Smartphone with Sense UI you will not need the Xposed Module!

    What is a Flash / Class0 SMS?
    Answer: A message that should per standard be immediately display to the user in a pop-up window. On some phones (like iPhone afaik) the message gets display without the senders ID and without the possibility to save the message. The message size is limited to 160 characters.

    A full description of all kind of messages can be found here:

    Flash SMS is also part of HushSMS which can be found on my Homepage.

    Graphics form (Mainly form User: OCAL) Thanks!

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