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    Follow-Me App

    1. What is Follow Me?

    The Follow Me App is a tracking platform. The Leader can use this application through their mobile device (e.g. Android, iOS system) and allows instant route information to the Members shown on Google Maps. In this way it is easy to track and navigate towards each other.

    2. How to use Follow Me?

    The Follow Me App is very easy to use. The only thing you’ll need is an internet connection and GPS capabilities (Wi-Fi or 3G internet are not suggested for the tracking, the map will be deformed).

    After downloading the application from App Store and Android Market, please click the role of Leader or Member.

    The Follow Me server will give you a four-number code after entering the Leader Mode. Meanwhile, the Follow Me App will keep updating the new route information from the Follow Me server via the leader’s mobile device’s GPS. The leader then can share its key to other members so they can easily start tracking.

    With the leader’s key code, members can track the route that has been arranged by the leader, simply by entering that key. The members’ names are anonymous to protect the privacy. Your route and location on Google Maps from leader will keep updating real-time, until the guide is over.

    Good news, member now can also follow leader on official web. Please go to

    3. When to use it?

    Follow behind
    It’s really dangerous that follow with another car, it might cause various traffic accidents. By using the Follow Me App, you can easily follow the route of the leader without any problem.

    Use Follow Me Leader as a tour guide, it allows Members to track the correct route and location without getting lost.

    Home tracking
    Do you worry about your kids where will they go after school? Use the Follow Me App, to track their route to see where they are.

    Customized design
    o Military practice / Survival game;
    o Biking competition;
    o Hide and seek;

    The possibilities are endless for using this app.

    4. Future planning

    Version 1.0 A Functional plan-Road Map (Current)
    Leader sends the locative information to each Member’s mobile instantly. It shows the route that Leader passed and current location.

    Version 1.1 (In progress)
    With the Follow Me app, the Leader can easily share the key code on Facebook. It allows other Member to track the current route from PC or laptop.
    By adding PC or laptop tracking function, Member can still use this application.

    Version 1.2
    On Member’s page, it shows the current speed and direction.
    On Leader’s page, it shows how many Members are tracking and their current location.

    Version 2.0 Grouping system
    Create a tracking group and set the role to observer, and track the Member’s location, route, and speed in the group.

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