FollowWell is an app to track or be tracked via a mobile device with ANDROID platform.
    After installation, switch off and switch on the device to configure FollowWell. If the setup screen does not appear, please call: 12345.
    You can see the summary of commands by calling 99999
    To track the real-time tracking or revise paths recorded, access the internet through google chrome typing link: and enter the login and password registered with the app FollowWell in option: settings / register

    With your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet you track other devices with this incredible application and you can see everything in real-time map. You receive a call if your car run after time previosly recorded. App still remember all the way to be seen at any time. Just install the FollowMe on your mobile and on the other. The authorization is made in the device to be tracked.

    Tracking Function:

    It allows you to track the device itself or other devices
    (cell phone, smart phone, tablet, etc.) utilizing the Android platform.

    Tracking Review Function:

    It saves the tracked path to a server so that all previous data may be reviewed.

    GPS Function:

    The device (cell phone, smart phone, tablet, etc.) can be used as a GPS and it will also provide more detailed information about the current location (Full address, Zip code, etc.)

    Only the owner of the device (through an option in the application) can authorize the tracking via another device.

    The authorization may be removed from the device at any time.

    Potential Users:
    It is ideal for the control of a company’s fleet of vehicles.
    You can track, in real time, your family members on their way to school or work.
    It will also ensure the security of a vehicle when it is parked in an unsafe area for a long period of time. The application provides an alert on the screen of the authorized Tracker if the vehicle starts to move and only stops when it is disabled.

    Additional features:
    All map screens have the Zoom option and are able to change from the map view to Satellite or Traffic views.


    Free installation
    30 days free trial
    Monthly fee of US$ 10(Introductory rate of Ten dollars per month for the first 2 months), US$15 per month thereafter.
    The contract and payment must be completed at at the FollowWell application link.

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