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    V2.12 - Updated to include multiple account options and align with iOS version.

    Users please note: The latest version of the app has no concept of internal or external settings. It has the option for connecting to multiple accounts with different parameters. If your router does not support NAT loopback, please use the top left menu to create an account called "internal" or your preference. Select the new account, then use the top right settings icon to set the internal address connection settings. After that, you can select the top left to switch from internal to external. Only one of the accounts needs to have the push notifications set up.

    V1.15 - Hide RSS password + option to avoid storing password on app close

    V1.14 - Issue with login on some Dimension panel firmware versions

    V1.13 - App now free + character fixes

    V1.12 was tested on:

    Galaxy Flex V1.12 with LCE-01 (SM-Alarms)
    Galaxy Flex V1.12 with E080-2 (SM-Alarms)
    Galaxy Dimension V6.80 with LCE-01 (SM-Alarms)
    Galaxy Dimension V6.80 with E080-2 (SM-Alarms)
    Galaxy G2-44 with LCE-01 (SM-Alarms)
    Galaxy G2-12 with LCE-01 (SM-Alarms)
    Galaxy G2-20 with LCE-01 (SM-Alarms)
    Galaxy G2-44+ with LCE-01 (SM-Alarms)

    V1.10 was tested on:

    Galaxy Dimension with Raspberry Pi (SM-Alarms)
    Galaxy Dimension with E080-2 (Honeywell)
    Galaxy Dimension with E080-4 (Honeywell)
    Galaxy Dimension with GT-40 (Chiron) - Thanks to ADI Global for testing.
    Galaxy G2-44 with LCE-01 (SM-Alarms)
    Galaxy G2-12 with LCE-01 (SM-Alarms)
    Galaxy G2-20 with LCE-01 (SM-Alarms)
    Galaxy G2-44+ with LCE-01 (SM-Alarms)
    Galaxy Flex 100 with A083-00-01 (Honeywell) - Thanks to ADI Global for testing.

    Updated to 1.12.

    Added support for devices with no menu or overflow menu. Simply press the virtual keypad LCD for longer to open the menu options.

    Updated to 1.11.

    Support for new even lower cost LCE-01-4 Ethernet Interface Module

    Added support for free app access when using LCE-01-4 with Dimension, Flex V1 and Classic Panels.

    Support for increased security with G2 panels. Set the RSS code option with 8 digit panel code. Change panel downloader code in menu option - 100 Million Combinations.

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