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    Ge plc Reader Lite has all of the functionality of the full version up to address 500.

    GE plc Reader lets you use your Android device to read data from various PLC's supporting SRTP protocol over Ethernet or WiFi. This includes GE 9030, 9070, PAC Systems Rx7i and some Versamax plc's. Also supported are GE Salem Innovation Series Controllers (ISC) and older UC2000's configured with Ethernet SRTP page data.
    This is a great app for monitoring your process, I/O checkout, troubleshooting etc..
    Various types of memory are readable including %AI, %AQ, %R, %M, %I, %Q, %G. Individual bits are displayed for boolean data and 16 bit signed integer is used for word data. %R floating point data is also supported.
    The PLC must be pingable from your Android device. Simply enter the PLC ip address, memory type and memory address and this App will automatically connect and display live data.
    Save different configurations to a drop down list to allow ease of access to any number of PLC's or memory locations. On initialization, the settings for the last connection are used, giving easy one click access from your Android device to any supported PLC on your network.

    TCPIP Port 18245 is used for communications and this may need to be forwarded if using the app through, for example, a home network router.

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