Ghost Call - Phone Anomously!

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    Make Calls - fast and complete anomously!
    With this app you can easily call your contacts or even any phone number stealthly.

    Why this app is better than similar ones:
    My primary target is speed and visceral handling. Never bevor it was as easy and fast to call someone anomously as with this App!
    You start the app, optional contacts show up immedieately, you type in for example 'Ma', press Max Muth and call this contact stealth with a blocked caller id!
    This process takes less than 5 seconds!
    This app is reputable - there are no permissions which are not needed to ensure it's functionality(!) - this differs my app to the most of the other apps.

    Call fastly a phone number of your contacts
    Own Call-History inside the App -> repeat your last anonymous call!
    Call any phone number - for the case your interlocutor isn't in your contact list
    Manually add the operator code for the case you have problems with the standard one

    Under the Hood - what the App does:
    The App starts a call to the choosen contact (/phone number) but adds an operator code to the call-request so your Mobile Carrier won't pass your Caller ID to your interlocutor.

    Your calls are only anomously by using my App! Even after the installation 'normal' calls using the standard phone application are not stealth!
    Some Mobile Carrier do not allow blocking the Caller ID - if this is the case, please just drop me a mail!
    This app does not influence the sending of SMS!
    Police or Government can not be called anomously!

    Permissions explained:
    The 2 permissions are needed to show up your contacts and start the call - Your personal data is your data and stays only with you! - 1. I would not know what I should do with any of your information ;-) 2. The App doesn't even have a permission to access the Internet, so there is not way your personal stuff can get away.

    I would be verry happy about a fair rating and a comment!

    //Max Muth

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