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    Good news! Google have unlocked the Label access with their Gmail apps once more.

    IMPORTANT: Update Gmail to 2.3.6 (for phones) or 4.0.5 for tablets/ICS) *THEN* update this app and the IMAP workaround shouldn't be necessary anymore (quicker updates, less battery usage). If you don't do this, and update my app then the Gmail app, you may have to reinstall my app before it works again!

    PROBLEMS: Update your Gmail app then uninstall and reinstall Gmail Label Notifier. Menu-> Export/Import settings if you wish to retain settings (widgets will have to be re-created and IMAP credentials re-entered however).

    (The Gmail app requires different permissions now, and some devices can require a restart and/or a reinstall of the app after you've updated Gmail i'm afraid).

    IF YOU WISH TO REVERT TO IMAP MODE: For some reason, with Gmail 2.3.6 they haven't unlocked the Important or Priority Inbox labels yet (hopefully they will fix this in the next version). If you *need* this functionality you'll have to revert to using the IMAP workaround again. Do this by hitting menu in the app and selecting "Force IMAP mode", then long-press your email address and select "Force IMAP PW" and enter your details (if necessary). The app will then revert to the IMAP workaround the previous version relied upon.

    And remember to set Gmail up to sync any labels you wish to be monitored in this app (Gmail app -> settings -> account -> labels and syncing)!

    Per-label notifications for GMail! Options include:
    * Vibration pattern (inc. morse code)
    * Notification sound
    * LED Colour (depending on your device, not all supported)
    * Icon colour (10 delicious colours to choose from)
    * Notification repetition
    * Override silent mode
    * Multiple accounts
    * Disable notifications depending on time of the day

    Also includes widgets:
    * customisable icons (select an image from your gallery as your homescreen widget)
    * a selection of normal mailbox/label icons in a multitude of colours
    * customisable names
    * show/hide name, zero count, total message count

    And now new Tablet widget too:
    * Have up to eight widgets in a stack on your homescreen, with all the same customisable options as normal widgets!

    Problems/feature requests? Check the website ( ) for more details before emailing me please! I don't have the time to respond to every request alas, and alot of your questions and problems are answered there!

    Also *please* don't leave bug reports as comments on the market, i don't check them often and it's unlikely i'll be able to respond!

    * Android gmail app
    * Syncing enabled for labels under the main GMail application
    * No task-killers please!

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