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    *** This is the unlock key app for Gmail Vacation Responder. Install this app to enable vacation responders without the footer notice. This app on its own does not open or do anything and it does not appear as an icon. See ***

    Gmail Vacation Responder makes it a breeze to setup vacation, away and out-of-office auto-responders on Gmail. Optionally configure multiple accounts and turn on (or off) or schedule the auto-responders for all accounts at once.

    Specify if an account is formal or informal to use different kinds of responses, depending on whether it is a personal account or a work-related account.

    Define placeholders such as your name, your contact phone and substitute these across all your message templates. You can change the phone number you want to be reached on without having to update each vacation responder individually.

    ★ Ideal for business use

    Need to let people know who else to contact while out of the office? Pick a colleague from your address book to automatically fill in placeholders substituting your colleague's name, email address and phone number.

    Gmail Vacation Responder comes with a number default leave types and messages:

    1. Vacation
    2. Away (out of the office)
    3. Travelling (not enabled by default)
    4. Sick (not enabled by default)

    While suitable default responses are provided you may edit and customize the templates yourself. You may also create leave types of your own.

    ★ Other features

    - A scheduler allows responders to be enabled and disabled on selected dates at selected times (as the Gmail vacation responder's start/end cannot be pre-configured this requires a data connection when the schedule is due; to save battery the app can automatically turn on Wi-Fi to update the responders and then turn it off again).

    - A drop down selector to quickly indicate if you have no or limited access to email while away.

    - Placeholders are optional; if undefined sentences may be removed from the message so it still makes sense when read. If no colleague is selected the entire "Please contact my colleague..." paragraph will automatically be removed from the template.

    - Create your own text or choice placeholders (see the help screen for instructions). For instance, if you're traveling to a particular destination and want to indicate this in your out of office message you may write: I'm traveling to {America|Asia|Europe} (use the vertical bar symbol) and then pick one of the three options in a drop-down.

    - Tasker/Locale automation plug-ins allow enabling or disabling your vacation responders depending on external conditions. Airplane mode turned on? You might create a rule turn on the responders using your Travelling template (the app may temporarily enable Wi-Fi to achieve this).

    - Two ways to use Gmail accounts:

    1. Select a Google account you already have set up on the device (requires you to grant access)
    2. Manually add a Gmail account by providing the username and password

    - You may choose if the auto-reply is to be sent to all senders or only to those in your contacts list.

    - If you have a Google Apps for Business account you may choose if the auto-reply is to be sent to senders from your own domain only.

    ★ Problems?

    If enabling your account or updating the vacation responders does not work make sure your Google account is in fact a Gmail account. Try to log into Gmail using a normal web browser from the device. If you've not recently accessed your account Google may show an intermediate "Confirm your account" page upon login, which you need to acknowledge before being able to use the app.

    If you have changed the password you will need to update the account under Settings > Accounts & sync. In case you have manually added the account you need to update the password inside the app.

    If you have problems or suggestions let us know at We cannot respond to negative comments.

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