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GPS/Call Tracking-Where are U?

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    GPS/Call Tracking-Where are U?

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    "GPS/Call Tracking-Where are you?" app(hereinafter app) shows family, friends, lovers and co-workers of the location information and cell phone call history.

    If you download this app, you will continue to be used free of charge. (No monthly fee)

    This app can be tracking up to five people including you.

    User can directly manage your information, tracer's information(Name, Cell phone Number, Google E-Mail address).

    First of all, checking your Google E-Mail address and your password before you buy this app.

    And this app must installed on tracer's cell phone.

    Your data(downloaded in your cell phone) can be kept permanently. And you can manually delete the old data.

    Every 3 hour, data will be automatically send to all tracer via Google E-Mail. Also, you can receive tracer's data via Google E-Mail using attachment preview(or view).

    This app can be tracking up to five people including you.

    Each time you press one flag on the map, the flag that corresponds to tracer's name, cell phone number, GPS data receive date and the address appears in the upper part of the screen.

    Each flag of a particular color has number(visiting in order). And Lines that connect the flags are also provided.

    Call log provides tracer's cell phone call history(Call_Date, Destination_Name, Destination__PHone_Number, Call_Type, Call_Duration).

    User and all tracer must use a smart cell phone supported Android OS.

    Other app is currently under development for iPhone.

    [Excellence in Security]

    This app does not connected to internet server computer for management.

    Therefore, uesr information leaks by server hacking is not concerned.

    User can directly manage your information, tracer's information, app's data. For this reason, this app provides excellent information security.

    [this app need to]

    - Location and call history information those who need

    - Your aging parent's life information those who need

    - Your children's life information those who need

    - Your lover's or friend life information those who need

    - Your employee's working information those who need (This app provides manager mode)


    User Agreement : On your cell phone, automatically collected data (your cell phone location information and call history information) will be automatically forward to tracer (you entered directly) via Google E-Mail.
    You must agree to the above.

    Preferences : You must input your information and tracer's information(Name, Cell phone Number, Google E-Mail address).

    For other uses, please see Help.

    [Tip & Other]

    Introduce of Dokdo : If tracer's GPS data is not exist or you choice a future date in tracking mode, a specific map appears for introduce Dokdo.

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