Groupworld is a secure, customizable, cross-platform web conferencing/meeting software package which allows you to set up online meeting rooms with whiteboard, voice/video conferencing and desktop sharing. Users can connect to Groupworld using a Mac, Windows PC, iPad or Android tablet.

    NOTE: you must set up a Groupworld subscription (starting at $24.99/month) to be able to host conferences. Please visit for more details and to see demos and set up a free trial.

    NOTE2: we have now deprecated this app, and we recommend that you instead simply connect to the web version of Groupworld using Chrome, as this is simpler for your users (no app to download) and gives the best experience. See for product details and to see a demo and set up a free trial.

    Connect to a Groupworld conference room in one of two ways:

    - click on the link to the room
    - enter the room name and installation id in the login window


    - Supports VOIP audio, multi-party video, desktop sharing (receive only), chat and whiteboard.
    - Upload documents (pdf/doc/xls/ppt) and images from your SD card.
    - Works with both hosted Groupworld and enterprise (self-hosted) version.
    - All data sent to/from server is encrypted using AES encryption if you login using a password.
    - Ability to launch the app from a url e.g. "groupworld://" - replace installation_id with your own installation id (or leave blank for enterprise version) and replace 'newconf' with the room name. username and password are optional. Note that you must already have the Groupworld app installed, and you cannot type this link directly in to your browser - you can only click on a link.

    NOTE: you must use earphones if you are using the voice conferencing.


    - If you get errors connecting to the server, you might need to open TCP/IP port 9174 outbound on your firewall.

    - If you don't hear any audio, make sure you have earphones plugged in.

    Please email us if you encounter any problems or have any questions.

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