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    Hands-Free SMS is just what it sounds like – a Hands Free SMS application that you use to listen to and respond to SMS Text messages without using your hands. Instead, Hands-Free SMS is completely voice activated. Hands-Free SMS will automatically let you know when you have an incoming SMS text message and read the incoming SMS message if configured to do so. After reading the SMS, the application will ask you if you would like to reply, repeat, ignore, or call the sender back. If you reply “Reply”, it will ask for your reply. All you need to do is speak to the app to tell it what you want your reply to be. The app will then read your reply back to you, and once you confirm the correctness of the response, it is automatically sent on its way. If you say "Call", the app will call the sender back. If you say "Repeat", the SMS message will be read again. If you say "Ignore", no further action will be taken.

    Note this is the FREE version of the app, and as such, it is limited to replying to two text messages per day. If you would like unlimited replies, consider purchasing the full version. There is a link on the main screen of this app to the paid (full) version.

    On older versions of Android, certain SMS apps like Go SMS don't play nicely with other SMS apps as they intercept all incoming text messages and don't pass them on to other apps. Android addressed this in KitKat, but be aware that if you use earlier versions, and Have Go SMS installed, our app will not function.

    Note that recent updates to Google Search cause problems with Bluetooth connectivity. Disabling the "Bluetooth headset" option under "Settings" under Google Now will address this. When this option is enabled, Google Now automatically disconnects Hands Free SMS from the Bluetooth headset so it can have exclusive rights to the headset. Also note Bluetooth is only supported on Android Versions Jelly Bean and above.

    Hands-Free SMS has the following options:
    1. Request Reply: If selected, the application will ask you if you would like to reply to each incoming SMS text message. If not selected, then you will not be prompted for a reply.
    2. Hands Free Mode: When selected, Hands-Free SMS will automatically turn on your screen, bring the app to the foreground, and start reading your incoming SMS (or ask you if you want it read to you if the next option is selected). When you are done interacting with Hands-Free SMS, the screen will automatically turn off. This setting provides a completely hands free experience without the necessity of keeping the screen on all the time. It is great for saving battery life! When this option is not selected, a notification will be added to the notification bar which you can click on to hear the SMS.
    3. Auto Read New SMS: If selected, Hands-Free SMS will automatically read all incoming SMS text messages to you without asking if you would like it read first. When not selected, you will be told who the incoming text message is from, and asked if you want it read to you.
    4. Automatic Reply: When selected, Hands-Free SMS will automatically reply to all received SMS messages (only if the app is enabled) with a message of your choosing.
    5. Auto Start on SMS: When selected, if the app is not running already, it will provide a notification you can click on to have new SMS messages read aloud.
    6. Enable Bluetooth Mode: When selected, the app will connect to a hands free device (headset, car adapter) and perform all speaking and voice recognition functions through that. If no Bluetooth device is available, the app will use the phones speaker as always.

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