HD Visual Communication Mobile




    HD Visual Communication Mobile for Android application (“this application”, hereinafter), will connect with the Panasonic HD Visual Communications System (HD Visual Communication and Multi-Point Connection Software).
    This connection lets you participate in one-to-one or Multi-Point videoconferences from your office or on the go.

    How to use
    Once this application is installed, register NAT Traversal service. Once registration is completed, you can make visual communication using either NAT Traversal service connection or IP address connection by registering.
    NAT Traversal service is the network service to have HD Visual Communication in and out of company, and with this service, you can set up a communication environment easily without a complicated router setting, such as VPN structure.
    For further information, please contact Panasonic videoconference dealers.

    - This application may not operate correctly due to the terminal specifications.
    - Audio/video quality of visual communication may be varied or connection may not be made depends on the network environment.
    - Set a Screen lock for security purpose.
    - Direct reply will not be sent even if you connect to the developer’s e-mail address.

    Parts of this product use Open Source Software supplied based on the conditions of the Free Software
    Foundation’s GPLs and/or LGPLs and other conditions. Relevant conditions apply to this software. Therefore,
    please read license information about GPLs and LGPLs, and "License Info." of system settings of this product
    before using this product. At least three (3) years from delivery of products, Panasonic will give to any third party who
    contacts us at the contact information provided below, for a charge of no more than the cost of physically
    distributing source code, a complete machine-readable copy of the corresponding source code and the
    copyright notices covered under GPL, LGPL, and MPL. Please note that software licensed under GPL, LGPL,
    and MPL is not under warranty.
    Please refer to the developer's web site and use contact form or telephone number on that page if you have any questions or inquiries to get associated source code described above.

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