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    In Case of Emergency (ICE) any alert could be crucial for emergency management authorities (EMA) your friends and family to help you out in time. It is important that no matter what happens, our friends and loved ones are informed at all times. “Help Me Out – ICE” is a mobile app which can help you send quick and easy messages and your location to EMA, Family, Friends, Relatives and Loved ones in case of emergency or crime.

    This app gives access to your emergency contacts right at one place and you have the option to make phone call, send SMS message or Post on social networks. You can send pre-defined/customized SMS Message to multiple people (assigned as your emergency contacts). This message sends your current GPS location auto appended to your SMS message text or your post on social network such as FaceBook.

    So, with the help of very few clicks on your phone screen you can send alerts to contacts and rescue workers. Your contacts will know your whereabouts and can trace you out and will be able to help you out.

    This app can be crucial assistance in case of emergency situations but this app is in no case an alternative to walk with trusted friend or family.

    Some functions of the app require data services, those functions will only be available if your device has a data plan ( GPRS, 3, WiFi etc). The GPS of your device should be turned on to get your most accurate GPS location and estimated address information.

    You should place a widget on your homescreen for easy access to the app.

    • Configure multiple contacts as emergency contacts for SMS alert and Phone call.
    • Call individual emergency contacts and emergency lines such as Police, Ambulance etc.
    • Send pre-defined SMS with your current GPS coordinates appended to the message.
    • Send SMS to multiple people.
    • SMS gets logged to your sent folder when message is sent to tour emergency contact.
    • Option to post pre-defined message along with GPS and current address information (When available) to your Facebook
    • Option to send pre-defined message or write new message to send as SMS or post on social network.
    • Use Buzzer and
    • Flash light mode (if flash available on your phone)

    The application requires some permission to some of your data and native functions of your device.
    • Sending SMS to your saved contacts when you want to send SMS Alert. The sent SMS will be logged in your sent messages list.
    • App needs access to your contact list when you configure the app emergency contacts.
    • App needs access to GPS to get the coordinates to send your most accurate current location to your contacts.

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