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    Hi is a free Wi-Fi calling app.

    • Encrypted calls
    • International calling
    • Video cloud
    • Uses credits
    • Hi phone number
    • Users need app

    "Say Hi To Your Friends With Hi"


    If you're looking for a way to make calls without using your minutes, Hi maybe what you're looking for. The app allows you to call, text, video call, and send images both locally and internationally. You can even call land lines. The calls are all encrypted, and there's no time limit on how long phone calls can be like some other similar apps. And while the app is free, you do need to earn credits, which you can get by adding more people to your contacts. There are two things that may make you turn away from this app. You don't get a traditional phone number, instead you get a Hi number. And while you can call anyone, only those with Hi can call you.


    This app gives you calls over Wi-Fi or 3/4G without using your minutes. The calls are encrypted for your privacy. The app also comes with a private cloud to store your videos in so you can access them from anywhere. The app doesn't require a subscription.


    While the app is free, you still have earn credits to be able to make calls. The phone number you receive is a Hi number not a regular number.

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    by Molly

    May 21, 2015


    Get the most out of your smartphone with Hi, a free communication app that makes free WiFi calls/video calls with your friends. Send text, voice, image and video messages as well. Save time, save money; switch from phone calls to Hi free WiFi calls now!

    REAL FREE WIFI PHONE: You can call out to any mobile or land line for free!
    ENCRYPTED SECURE CALLS: All Hi communications are encrypted with 256-bit AES and extremely secure!
    NO HIDDEN COSTS AND COMPLETELY FREE: There is nothing to purchase and Hi will always be free.
    NO SUBSCRIPTION NEEDED: Just enjoy the free WiFi calls and video calls without any subscription fee.
    NO TIME LIMITED: There is not a time limitation for calls and you can talk whatever long you want with your friends and family.
    AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY: You can make unlimited international voice/video calls between your Hi contacts for free with crystal clear audio quality.
    NO ADS, NO PRIVACY CONCERN: Hi is completely free and financed by its sister game company. There are NO ADS so you can talk to you friends and family in this highly privacy protected app.
    CAN BE USED WITH DATA: All Hi services are available with 4G/3G/EDGE. We charge you nothing. Carrier data charges may apply.
    720P HD VIDEO CALLS: The HD quality video call brings you and your family together wherever you are.
    SWITCH FROM VOICE CALL TO VIDEO CALL: You can switch from voice call to HD Video call on the fly.
    WORLD'S FIRST 10,000 GB FREE VIDEO CLOUD STORAGE: You'll never run out of space on your phone and miss out on capturing a moment with "Hi". With Thunderclap Technology, you can sync all your photos and videos on Hi and delete local copies to save your phone space.
    INSTANT PHOTO/VIDEO SHARING: All your private cloud photo/video shares are instant and costs you no data traffic!
    SAME AS SMS: All messages will be stored while your phone is shut off or without network. You can get them immediately when Hi launches next time.
    AND MUCH MUCH MORE: Sent/Delivered/Read Status for Messages, Advanced Privacy Settings, Group Chats, Voice Messages, Tens of Thousands of Free Animated Stickers, Multi-Login, Web Chat, Free Custom Chat Bubbles, Share Locations, Free Custom Wallpapers and easily exchange contacts.

    To help make Hi a better app, please send us your feedback to

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