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    Have you ever tried to hide your phone's message(SMS) to avoid some of your girls/boys friend to see your message from other girls/boys by accident (which may lead to a trouble)?

    If this is a trouble for you, well, we had developed a tool call "Hide The SMS"! which definitely will help you here!

    Below are the briefly functions description:

    1, This tool is a widget, after you installed it, you need to long-press the empty place on your screen, which will popup a windows to let you select the widget "Super Calculator". Just drag it to your screen & pick up a theme icon! It will show as "Calculator" on your screen.

    2, Tap icon "Calculator", you can change you theme here, or just Tap ">CALCULATOR>" to open a real calculator which you can calculate something here.

    3, In the calculator, e.g. input +123456+ then tap on the "=", this will create a password:123456 for you. Note, you password must be 6 digits(numbers only).

    4, After you have created a password, you can input X123456.654321X then tap on the "=", this will change your password from 123456 to 654321, if the old password is wrong then change action will be fail.

    5, After you have created a valid password:123456, input -123456- then "=" to login to the real "Hid The SMS" interface.

    6, If you login "Hide The SMS" successfully, you can select some one from your Contacts List, then tap "Hide His/Her SMS", the tool will assign a fake/new SMS, which you can reply from it.(If you have new contact just type it in .)

    7, After you have hided some one's phone# 444555666 in this tool, if he/she sent you new SMS, the SMS will not go to Your Phone's OS's SMS Inbox ANYMORE, it will come in the "Hide The SMS" directly.

    8, How do I know I receive a new SMS in "Hide The SMS"? There is 2 ways to check, A: If your phone has a LED indicator light, it will flash with GREEN light. B: The color of the name of the Widget "Calculator" will change from WHITE color to GREEN color. Login the "Hide The SMS" interface, you will see "NEW SMS" in red color, tap on it to see your SECRET message, you can reply from that message directly, what you have replied will be saved.

    9, I don't like the LED green light, or the Name of the widget "Calculator", or the White/Green color of the Name! Can I customize it? Yes, you can! Just login the interface of the "Hide The SMS", you can see button "Widget", tap on it and select your favorite configuration(End here). - If you like to manage your own private sms, or try to hide sms, or handcent sms, or you love something like plants vs zombies, angry birds, cut the rope, fruit ninja, draw something, or you would like to be a SMS Blocker, then you should have a try of this tool, it will definitely help you.

    All right, all above is the main functions, if you have any questions, just email to:, we will reply u ASAP (normally within 24 hours).

    Please DO NOT post your questions in the "Comment Area", we have no way to answer your questions there.

    Contact us by Email:

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