HO Direct Transfer

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    It is an application that transfers files with high speed from terminal to terminal multimedia files.

    Using the features of the Wi-Fi Direct, which was introduced from Android 4.0, from terminal to terminal, we directly copy your photos, videos, and music files.

    Both terminals of source and destination, the transmission of data, it is necessary to install this app.
    ※ You can also use the Lite version to the receiver. Even in that case, you will be able to copy all your photos, videos, and music.

    Faster than the blink, blink of an eye, photo video music file can be transferred in a few seconds.

    Usage is very simple.
    Follow the instructions that appear on the screen, it is just a few taps.
    ※ Please also follow the instructions set of Wi-Fi Direct.

    First of all, please try to use the "HO Direct Transfer Lite".
    Even large files are transferred in a moment however.

    The received file is stored under the SD card / HODirectTransfer /.

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