Android control terminal for influencing the MD House Control bus system. Netzworkregistration can be used to sign device in house wlan network for use it.

    Voice control can act on. Internet connection be used to conveniently turn by voice. You only have to say that, whatever else the app displays (for example. "Living Room 1 Ceiling light 1" or "Bad 1 Rollade 1 down").

    With the parent button on the switching objects the room / base object can be selected. The bottom button is intended for convenient control of the selected room. Under settings can be, inter alia, Configure PIR times. In the mode "app-configuration" can not be hidden rooms needed.

    For dimming can (if available and enabled), the brightness of an object (ceiling light 2, light wall, light consumer ceiling 1) can be controlled via the brightness control. Click to the object to be controlled, and then move the slider. The label "brightness" will change accordingly and always shows the currently selected object.

    If bell was rung, will also see a notification that you accept (open door) or reject. The same applies to error messages.

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