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    This application is developed for all people, who frequently missing/left mobile device at home or party, car.

    All Format

    1) Password Authentication - if pwd setup otherwise send data
    2) Incomming Message Format Validation done
    Formate : a) send
    b) save
    c) cfwg

    3) Mode change done only when caller number registered in imp contacts list.
    4) updated with schedule message after adding Time button along with time functionality and form validation.

    Feature of I Missed my Phone at Home
    1) Write and send a new message.
    i) Auto SMS message

    2) schedule future messages.
    i) Edit and future SMS updates
    ii) New message (SMS future) Schedule Creation

    3) Caller default message if the call or the call could miss the cut.

    4) manage the contact list, contact list stored in the selected contacts will be important.

    5) Change the device to silent or off mode device Vibrarte mode when the incoming call ringing on the list of important contacts in the state, and since then revert back to its original state.

    6) Retrieving Contacts details from SMS

    Format - send
    Example - send , it will sms you Rakesh's phone no from your mobile through SMS
    Note - Send one SMS with above format to your missed mobile, it will reply back with mobile no

    7) Store Contacts details from SMS

    Format – save
    Example – save <91 9999999999> it will store this no to your mobile through SMS with name Rakesh

    Note - Send one SMS with above format to your missed mobile, it will store you contact no to mobile

    8) Call Forwarding from SMS

    Format – cfwg
    Example – cfwg <8012345678> it will forward all incoming call to 8012345678

    Note - Send one SMS with above format to your missed mobile, it will forward all call to your phone no mentioned in SMS

    9) Check device connectivity

    1. Disable Enable Password
    2. Telephone service to enable disabled
    3. Message handling service
    4. Custom message to enable disabled
    5. Read the SMS
    6. Call Forwarding

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