Welcome to the iDigitU Project, the Cellphone Number Directory! Search by Name (Forward Search) or Search by Number (Reverse Search). iDigitU is the celebrated response to the challenge of providing a Mobile Phone Number Directory for the wireless community! Opt-in by downloading this App and become a part of the iDigitU Project, and a valuable member in the ever growing iDigitU Storm (cloud). iDigitU when fully implemented, will include Search by Name, Search by Number, Caller ID, ccupational Searching, Business Searching, Area Code & Prefix Searches, Phone call Rate-Center location tracking, and much, much more! Slated to becoming a Social Communications Network in the truest of terms, for finding and connecting with virtually anyone.

    Screenshots include: start-up Splash Screen, People Search Tab, Search by Name Form, a typical Search Result, NANPA Tab, Preferences Tab,! (Yes, you can control who can view your listing by a question - answer dialog.)

    Blind Email is an alternate contact method by which iDigitU protects the privacy of recipient, while allowing you the sender to request contact. Using Blind Email a subscriber can send you a short message to let you know they would like to contact you, but without them knowing your email-address, (or your mobile number if you restrict your listing with a question/answer dialog)! Sweet!!

    The iDigitU Project. is a WORK IN PROGRESS! So, beta release search results may expectantly be sketchy. Grow with Us! Get this Free App and keep it - because as more and more downloads occur, the more listings will be available to search. Just like any Storm, it’ll take time to build, but once it does - the power will be awesome! Our goal is to get everyone with a Smartphone to Opt-in. So how many is that, over 100 million? Yea! - you could find anyone's digits without ever slowing down!

    Note: On the beta release not all search modes are fully implemented, but will become implemented as the iDigitU Storm Database matures.

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    Before you use the iDigitU Application (App) Software or any iDigitU Service it is important that you carefully review the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy located on the developer’s website at BY DOWNLOADING AND USING THE APPLICATION, YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS; IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION AS YOU MAY NOT USE ANY OF THE iDigitU SOFTWARE OR SERVICES.

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