IPELA Communication Mobile




    IPELA Communication Mobile is the application to be able to join a meeting held in Sony Visual Communication Systems and Sony Visual Communication Server. With this application, communication beyond conference rooms and lecture rooms will be realized.

    - Enable to connect with Sony Visual Communication Systems PCS-XG100S and PCS-XG77S (*1)
    Smartphones and tablets which the application has been installed can connect with Sony Visual Communication Systems and Server via standards-based communication protocol H.323. With this function, remote participants being outside the meeting room and lecture room can communicate with their colleagues, business partners and professors in a room with high-quality video and audio via their smartphones and tablets.
    - Enable to show PC data sent from Visual Communication Systems
    Presentations, spreadsheets and documents as well as movies and still images which are sent from Visual Communication Systems via H.239 standard protocol can be shown on the display of smartphones and tablets. In addition to face-to-face communication between attendees in a meeting, the application will build their relationship and collaboration by presentations.

    [Supported devices]
    Xperia Z1, Xperia Z, Xperia Tablet Z
    Android Version 4.1

    *1: To connect with PCS-XG100S and PCS-XG77S, it is necessary to install an option for mobile access to these products.

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