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    Islamic Messaging App is specially designed for Muslims all over the word to send SMS to each other by reminding brothers and sisters about verses of Quran, Hadeeths and daily Doas. These are inserted as shortcut codes within an SMS but will be viewed as full Arabic text in receiver mobile with no effect on SMS size and will not cost extra money.

    Also the App has many SMS tools within one singe App. Offering best features related to Messaging that are even not provided by the Android system SMS and messaging UI. Highly recommended to users who use SMS frequently. No plugin required.

    NOTE: In order for receiver to view the Islamic themed and content based messages, the receiver should also have this App installed on his/her device.

    Islamic Features:
    - Quran: Insert Ayah from Quran in Arabic and English in your SMS
    - Hadith: Insert Hadeeth from Sahih Bukhari in your SMS
    - Doaa: Insert Dua from Hisnul Muslim book in Arabic & English in your SMS
    - eCards: Send Islamic eCard images in your SMS
    - Islamic Words: Shortcut commonly used Islamic words in your messages as icons
    - Contact Pictures: Use pictures for cotacts without showing faces
    - More InshaAllah soon

    SMS Features:

    1 - SMS Popup: Pops up incoming SMS for quick read, reply or delete.
    2 - Text to Speech: Reads incoming message using Android Text-to-speech.
    3 - Auto Forward: Forward incoming message automatically to other contacts.
    4 - Auto Reply: Reply sms automatically to recipient if required.
    5 - Auto Schedule: Send automatic SMS to a scheduled future date & time.
    6 - Backup: Backup all your messages to a single file.
    7 - Private SMS: Password protect your Private messages.
    8 - SMS Library: Built-in collection of pre-typed common messages.
    9 - Urdu Keyboard: Optional Urdu Language keyboard for clients in India, Pakistan & UAE
    10- SMS Folders: Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Drafts
    11- Free Messages coming inshaAllah soon.

    Language Support:

    1. English
    2. Arabic
    3. Chinese
    4. French
    5. Bahasa Indonesian
    6. Malay (Melayu)
    7. Thai
    8. Turkish
    9. Russian
    10. Spanish

    Other features:
    - Supports text copy and paste
    - SMS icon in Notification

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