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    IZ2UUF Morse Koch CW

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    NOTE: in some cases it has been reported that the old version had to be uninstalled completely and V2 reinstalled to avoid weird behavior.
    NOTE: you can still install back the old version by accessing
    NOTE: please report any issue to, thanks.

    New V2 version:
    - designed to train morse code reception on the go
    - supports Koch method with G4FON, LCWO or custom character sets
    - supports the Farnsworth spacing (high speed characters with longer space between them)
    - the hard-letters settings allow increasing the frequency of the letters harder for the user to recognize
    - the auto hard-letters feature automatically increases the frequency of the letters last added to the Koch exercise
    - high precision timing of dots. dashes and space
    - all timings (dot/dash ratio, spacing, etc.) can be user set
    - optionally different sidetone frequency for dots and dashes
    - works also with the phone screen off, so execises can be done with the device in the pocket
    - when an incoming call is received, the exercise is automatically paused
    - a voice can can read each word after the CW transmission, to allow mentally check the reception without even looking at the screen
    - long (alpha, bravo, etc.) or short (A, B, C, ...) voice samples are available
    - a QSO generator generates random "standard" QSO using a database of 1116 first names and 544 cities related to the 31 most popular countries, with 560 real rig names, antenna types, WX and so on
    - can read text from a file or copied and pasted from any source
    - can transmit words or sentences randomly taken from a file (for example a list of proverbs or aphorisms)
    - callsign generator with optional prefix and suffix generation
    - exercise verification can be done by reading the screen, by typing the answers or by listening to a voice that dictates it
    - over 100 international characters supported, including cyrillic
    - full support of prosigns
    - exercises can be configured and saved for fast retrieval
    - the initial "choose" screen allows quickly pick one of the predefined or custom exercises

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