Janus Gateway Pro

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    The Janus Gateway is a light and efficient 2-way SMS manager, designed to apply pre-defined rules to incoming messages, and optionally respond to the sender. It's designed to operate on compatible Android smartphones and (GSM enabled) tablets for low to medium level traffic.

    What happens when the Janus Gateway is active and a message arrives to the device, is that first the text of the incoming message is read by the Janus Gateway to see if it begins with certain keywords, associated with a user defined rule.

    Once a match is found, the rule may optionally be set to forward the SMS by email and/or connect to the Internet (sending on the message details), then reply with the Internet response or instead a static, predefined, reply - or not reply at all. Once processed, the rule may also purge the message from the inbox and log the message to the Janus Gateway logs.

    Features include:

    Set up multiple rules and keywords to handle incoming SMS

    Delete SMS and suppress incoming SMS notifications.

    Forward the SMS by email.

    Transmit incoming SMS details and generate responses over the Internet, via HTTP/HTTPS POST/GET.

    Record and export logs of incoming messages and any responses.

    Desktop widget for quick access and control of the gateway.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is the PRO or paid version of the Janus Gateway; if you wish to try it before purchasing, the FREE or trial version is available at:

    Please feel free to report any bugs or suggest new features by email to

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