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    All in one, fast & easy SMS, Image and file encryption using a number of special effects (sounds, fading, rotation etc..) that can be controlled via Settings.

    K-coder sends and receives SMS (in clear text or encrypted) to multiple recipients with a single click (multicast). It also encrypts/decrypts any number of text files and images on the phone’s SD card, and can transfer them via Bluetooth.

    The encryption/decryption is on-the-fly, enabled with a simple switch. A password is needed to encrypt/decrypt, and the user decides who to share that password with.

    Basically, K-coder can be used:

    1) In Single-user mode:
    The user sends in multicast/receives SMS in plain text, and can encrypt files (Text or Images) on his SD card. The user decides which files to encrypt and which ones to keep in clear.

    2) In Multi-user (Social Network) mode:
    In addition to the above, user sends in multicast/receives ENCRYPTED SMS with others using the same software and sharing the same password. The SMS are decrypted momentarily on the screen with a switch , but are never stored in decrypted form on the phone. Different passwords can be set for different groups, and known only to group members.

    NOTE that the K-coder's SMS is not designed to replace your existing SMS app, but to complement it (send the few messages you want to be encrypted). In particular, this app will not prevent the usual SMS notification bar, even when its "new message" popup is enabled.

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