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    KBASS - An Auto SMS System

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    SMS Auto responder, SMS scheduler, SMS Reader, Instant SMS, SMS Forwarder

    With (KBASS) KEYWORD BASED AUTO SMS SYSTEM services you can provide various SMS solutions for customers, friends and family. (KBASS) KEYWORD BASED AUTO SMS SYSTEM can be used among others in the following services:

    • Send information to customers:
    If people send an SMS that contains a predefined keyword you can automatically send back the requested information to them. This function can be used in stores, ads, web sites, etc. For example: If you have a restaurant you can advertise it. In your ads you can provide a phone number or short code to which people can send an SMS message. Then you can send back automatically the special offer of the day. All types of information can be requested via SMS in several businesses. So please note that auto reply function can be implemented for various issues.

    • Send Reply of Wishes or Quote to Friends and Family:
    Contemporary time, most of your good wishers are sending sms on your Birthday, Anniversary or any other family event. At that movement you may have not time to reply them at that movement you can use (KBASS) KEYWORD BASED AUTO SMS SYSTEM for replaying those memories.

    • Send confirmation messages:
    Send a confirmation to people about their reservation/Confirmation regarding any Event registration or Hotel booking or Restaurant Reservation etc. All the data can be exported to the CSV Format or Registered Users.

    • Other services:
    With this solution you can launch other services. For example people can require recipes via SMS. If they send an SMS that contains an ingredient you can send them an SMS with the name of a meal that can be made of this ingredient. This will give them ideas what they should cook and they can buy the ingredients in your store. This service can be used with any other issues not just meals.
    Or if you have a gym you can launch a service that allows clients to request health tips via SMS related to various topics for registered members.
    It is also possible that people send an SMS with a foreign word or term and a glossary or explanation can be sent. The possible solutions are endless that can be implemented with this service.

    - Auto SMS Response and reply
    - Provide unlimited Keyword Based Customized Response
    - Bulk SMS (For Registered Members)
    - Save time by automatic reply
    - Stop Auto SMS
    - Statistics
    - Add multiple Keywords and members
    - Export Registered Detail as CSV File

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