Kiddie Trail

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    KIDDIE TRAIL helps you find your child's location any time, anywhere!

    Want to know where your child is? Simply:

    1) Send a regular SMS using your phone to your child’s phone with the words: Where are you?

    2) Your child’s phone will alert him/her that someone (You) wants to know their location.

    3) He/she will be prompted to say “Yes” or “No” to this request. (This is a necessary security feature to enable your child identify who the request is from, and either accept or deny it).

    4) If your child says “Yes”, his/her phone will send you details of their location, including a link to a Google map, by SMS.

    5) Bonus Feature:

    In the event of an emergency, your child can also send you a location SMS by simply clicking on Kiddie Trails "SOS" button. Kiddie Trail will let you know their location immediately..

    Whew! Finally, some peace of mind!

    Go ahead and download KIDDIE TRAIL Now!


    1) Download and install Kiddie Trail onto your child's phone. You will not need to install it in your phone as well.

    2) Appropriate for young children, ages 6 - 15.

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