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    This app has the ability to call any of your cell phone contacts using a land line. All you need is a house phone with touch tone service and your Android with Land Line Phone Dialer. No additional hardware is required. How it works is you can either select a contact stored on your cellphone or you can dial a number directly. dialing a number directly is good for use with rotary phones when calling a company that has an IVR. Simply select your contact to call, pick up your land line phone, at the sound of your dial tone, hold the cellphone speaker up to the microphone of your handset and click the phone icon on the top right corner. The app will send the standard DTMF sounds for the number being dialed that your landline service will recognize. The media volume may need to be adjusted for certain phones. The phones tested with was an HTC EVO 4G work best at 75 percent volume.

    This app includes speed dial buttons that show a picture and the name of the contact.

    Another fun feature is the additional button for calling via the cellular network. Do you miss hearing a dial tone and the number dialing prior to the call like the good old days? When calling using the cellular network, you hear a dial tone, then the number dialed, and the ringing as normal to the person you are calling.

    A button that points to the Instructional video also now exists in this app.

    In addition to making phone calls, We recently added SMS and GPS. You can send and receive text messages within the app. If you want to let someone know there you are located, You can easily text a google maps link of where your located for the receiver to click on. Works great when someone wants to know where you are.

    The latest feature that has been added is the dial pad and the ability to dial the A, B, C, and D tones that a standard house phone does not have. The dial pad can be used to produce DTMF tones to the land line phone and can be used to input data into the app.

    Impress your friends or entertain your kids by playing DTMF music. Play songs right from the app and learn how to play the songs directly on your phones keypad.

    Songs include:

    Old MacDonald Had A Farm
    Ninety Nine Bottles Of Beer
    My country 'tis of thee
    Pop Goes The Weasel
    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    Mary Had A Little Lamb
    She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain
    Happy Birthday To You
    Ring Around The Rosy
    When The Saints Go Marching In
    I've Been Working On The Railroad
    Hot Crossed Buns
    Ten Little Indians
    The Farmer in the Dell
    If You're Happy and you know it clap your hands
    Humpty Dumpty
    The Noble Duke of York
    The Muffin Man
    London Bridge
    Strangers in the night Exchanging glance
    Here Comes The Bride
    Mister Sandman Bring Me A Dream

    Download and enjoy

    This app is tested to place calls with the following Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) services. The following names are registered trademarks and are no way affiliated with Accurate Computer Technologies, LLC.:
    Cablevision (Optimum, IO)
    Comcast (Xfinity) (Phone.Company)
    Verizon (Fios)
    Vonage - click to call feature is integrated into this app. Access to a Vonage account and Analog Telephone Adapter are both required for this feature to work. Vonage service is not required for dialing via DTMF touch tone sounds.

    Test button removed. To test the app, dial a number and press the phone icon at the top right corner.
    Added new button to keypad Append/Prepend. Button changes direction that number is entered in the text box from keypad.

    If you like this app, Please buy the donated version "Land Line Phone Dialer Donate.

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