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    LATEXT is a delayed SMS Messaging system that allows you to send an SMS Text Message at any time in the future!

    Want to be the first person to tell your best friend happy birthday? Send a LATEXT at midnight and beat everyone else to the punch!

    Do you need to remind your husband to pick up your kids at 3pm? Rather than sending a text now and risk your husband forgetting, send a LATEXT at 2:45pm while it's fresh on your mind!

    Is it 3am and you need to remind your parents that you'll need to borrow the car in the morning? Instead of sending a text to your parents that early in the morning, simply send a LATEXT at 8am so you don't risk waking them up!

    This app should work for all valid international phone numbers.

    Upcoming Changes:
    User Interface upgrade
    Add recurring text message option
    Show sent messages

    Feel free to email me with any bugs/comments/suggestions.

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