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    Autocomplete your address book!
    Are you tired of updating your address book over and over? Well, with LinkedAddress you don't have to anymore. Let friends and family fill in their personal details in your address book by themselves. You can share your address, profile picture, phone number and even dates and websites. Change those details on one location and everybody can see your most recent data. Ask others to share their information with you (no sign up required). Use your address book on your phone, tablet, pc, or even for navigating in the car.

    It get's even better. Contacts who already use LinkedAddress share their details with you right now. Autocomplete your phone's address book with those details by installing this app.

    How does it work?
    Create a LinkedAddress profile. This consists of your name, address, email address, phone number, profile picture and a website or date of birth. You'll only share this data with people who want to share their personal information with you.

    Autocomplete your address book
    Invite your family and friends to share their information with you. They don't have to create an account to share their information with you. If someone accepts your invite, they'll gain access to your LinkedAddress profile.

    Use the app
    Install the app to add to your phone's address book. The app can see all contacts in your address book and completes contacts' information if they choose to share it with you. This way, you'll always have everyone's most recent address!

    Have access addresses anytime, anywhere
    Your address book will always be up to date. Need to call someone or navigate to their home address? You'll always have the correct address. If you want to send a holiday card, wedding card or birthday card, you'll never have to ask someone for their address.

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