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    Live Recorder Spy is a Breakthrough App that records the selective LIVE conversations without your intervention. When the Spy mode is on, you cannot even see the icon itself, the recorded list is also hidden and is not visible in the File Manager also.

    Install the App on the target mobile and specify the phone number from which you want to control the App, activate the sniffer so that the App vanishes and does its job secretly in the background. Anytime you want to record the conversation (LIVE) dial the target mobile's number from the phone number that you already provided for controlling. That is it.

    1. The App wakes up
    2. Cuts the incoming call
    3. Deletes the received call entry from the call log, so that the Target mobile does not have a trace of it.
    4. Records the conversation for the specified amount of time.
    5. Sends the recorded file to the specified mail id.

    Everything happens strictly secretly in the background.


    Spy: Activate the Sniffer by entering the Sniffer key in Activate/Deactivate settings. Wait for 2 to 3 seconds for the App to completely vanish from the Apps menu, that is it your Spy is on and starts working in the background. And any time if you want to open the App, you have to dial the Sniffer Key from the phone's dial pad. If you want to return to the non-Spy mode, open the App by dialing the Sniffer key and switch off the Sniffer in Activate/Deactivate settings. Recording Time Field: You have to specify the duration for which you want to record the conversation. Numbers fields: You have to specify the phone numbers from which you want to activate the App remotely.

    Activate/Deactivate: You can Activate or Deactivate using one simple click.

    Mail: Here you can set the options to Save or Mail and Save or Mail and Discard the Records.

    Privacy disclosure statement : You have to provide your Gmail Credentials for sending the recorded files, the App does not store your credentials anywhere.

    Sound Format: You can set which format you want to record in, 3GPP or MPEG4.

    Records: Lists all the Records that are available in the 'LRS' folder on your SD Card. You can either Call, SMS,
    Share, Delete, and Play the selected record in the list. Option for deleting multiple records is also available.

    Auto Purge: Runs the Purge process periodically and deletes the older records.

    ***************************** Disclaimer Notice **********************************
    Please use this App with utmost CAUTION as when the SPY mode is on, this App vanishes, records conversation, and sends the recorded files to the email. As everything happens in the background without anybody's notice, there may be a possibility of unethical usage of this App. The developers are not responsible for any such kind of misuse and the repercussions there by.

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