mapp2you is a context sensitive app where you can leave tips for your friends tagged to locations, e.g. “here´s my favorite café, they have the best chocolate cake in town”. The tips are then delivered as push notifications to Facebook friends of yours that uses mapp2you whenever they get close to one of the locations where you had left a tip. This way, mapp2you becomes the first context sensitive social recommendation engine.

    Besides this, mapp2you is also a proactive people finder, i.e., you get notified when a Facebook friend that uses mapp2you happens to be around. Writing messages to users that are close to you is also possible.

    mapp2you runs in the background to continuously scan your vicinity and as soon as something interesting is around, push it to your attention: this way relevant information finds you at the right time at the right spot instead of you having to search for it.


    - You need a Facebook account to use this app.
    - If you allow for this, all of your Facebook friends may see your current location (even if the app is in background) – but only if they are near to you and if they also use mapp2you.
    - It's possible to share your tips on your facebook wall

    Push works only since android-version 2.3

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