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    Mobile Free WiFi Saver 2017

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    This service saves you money by helping you use less mobile data.
    It is also well suited for users with hearing or visual impairments.

    Always be Mobile Free .

    Mobile Free Wifi Data Saver 2017 is a Service Widget.
    TO TURN ON: just scroll through your Apps to the Widget section and drop Mobile Free on your home screen.
    TO TURN OFF: simply remove it from your screen. Repeat as desired.

    Mobile Free Wifi Data Saver 2017 will change the way you use your mobile data plan.

    Mobile Free WiFi Data Saver 2017 makes sure you always know when your mobile situation changes:
    1) Shows you what your current billing situation is. You won't have to guess!
    2) Gives an quiet warning whenever you are on a billable mobile network.
    3) Gives an friendly ping when you are Mobile Free (guaranteed not billable).

    Your billing setting can be found in your Settings Application under Data Usage (see screenshots).
    You can only be billed when the Mobile Data setting is ON.
    Without Mobile Free it is always ON, so you are always billable.

    Many mobile customers manage this setting themselves,and have to remember when to turn it off, and back on.

    Mobile Free WiFi Saver manages this setting for you, and always lets you know audibly and visually when you are billable, very billable, extremely billable, but most importantly when you are Mobile Free (see screenshots).
    Your device's connection behaviour remains otherwise unchanged.

    The home screen widget changes instantly to keep you visually on top of your mobile costs.

    Our beta users love Mobile Free WiFi Saver. They hear a friendly ping when they enter their familiar free Wifi zones. A warning sound always lets them know when they are back on costly mobile data, or completely off-line. They even came up with games like "Hide and Ping", "Cell Break" and others.

    Avoid those big mobile bills and may you always be Mobile Free !

    Other non-monetary advantages:
    1) Cycling your Mobile Data setting on and off repeatedly causes your dynamic IP address to refresh.
    2) This makes it harder for you to be tracked and targeted by hackers, spammers, etc.
    3) Mobile Free Wifi Saver makes sure you are never unknowingly off-line.
    4) Mobile Free is implemented with strict adherence to Google's policies and standards.

    At home or away, the school or cafe, always be Mobile Free (by Standard3D)

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    Note: As of Android 5.0, mobile data setting must be manually managed on non-rooted devices.

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